Saturday, May 30, 2009

Much Much Much to catch up on !

Last time I posted my husband and I were preparing to leave to go to the Arnold Classic Weightlifting Championships in Columbus, Ohio. My husband competed really well. He did 135kg in the snatch, and 177kg in the Clean and Jerk. He won the best overall male weightlifter of the meet ! I am very proud of him even though I did not get to see him compete ! I ended up getting the flu and brought to the hospital and hanging out there for 9 hours. Jason knew I was sick, but I made our coach promise he wouldn't tell Jason that I was on my way to the hospital via ambulance. (I wanted him to focus on the competition.) He ended up finishing the competition around 11:30pm and coming to see me to tell me the good news that he was going home with a little more money in his pocket from being the best overall lifter ! (Thanks to Big Ben Fuller, Coach Pol, Mrs. Coach Pol, Leo, Dave, Ian and Lauren for taking care of me !)
The weekend was full of old friends and faces from the past. The Arnold Classic is one of my most favorite competitions I have been too. The venue set up is great, there are many, many spectators and they've got one of the best chicken wing places I have ever been too, Roosters :) The photo below is of myself and Muscle Mike Martin. Mike and I were teammates on many Junior World Teams when we were younger and teammates at the Olympic Training Center in 2002. He was always playing big brother with me and pulling typical pranks. He is probably one of the strongest most composted athletes I know but he would never admit to that. We had not seen each other since 2003, so it was great seeing him and catching up ! The next photo below is of myself, my husband Jason, Coach Pol (My first coach), Mrs. Coach Pol and members of Team Vermont including Katie Polakowski who is the owner of some of the fastest legs in New England ! Check her out below....
Also, these GIRLS you see in the photo won the BEST High School Team in the country ! GO EHS!!!
(The multi-talented Katie Polakowski....she has competed in Soccer, Track and Weightlifting !)