Friday, June 27, 2008

Winners never cheat, and cheaters never win

Team USA is DRUG FREE ! My dad always told me "Winners never cheat, and cheaters never win" this is definitely the case with the Bulgarian weightlifting team. Its nice to finally see people are finally getting caught for cheating. I am a huge believer in anti-doping and support drug testing 100%. I estimate that I have been tested nearly 100 times since starting weightlifting at the age of 13. Many of you do not know but our nations top athletes are subject to drug testing. In order to compete at national and international level you must be enrolled with the United States Anti Doping Agency (USADA). They can come any time, day or night to collect a urine sample. Athletes fill out forms quarterly on there where abouts so they can be contacted for a test. If you miss 3 tests in 1 year you automatically receive a 1-2 year suspension. For more information on USADA and the testing procedures that US athletes must go through check out their web site at:

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Article on the Internet today from NY

Gump earns spot on Weightlifting Team By Jennifer Millman Posted Wednesday, June 25, 2008 7:07 AM ET Carissa Gump, who was born in Stone Ridge, N.Y., qualified for a spot on the U.S. Olympic Weightlifting Team. Gump, of Essex Junction, Vt., ranked third entering the Olympic Trials. Coached by Chris Polakowski, her event is 63 kg. At 5 feet 1 inch tall and 138 pounds, Gump won the 2008 National Championships and the Collegiate National Championships in 2005 and 2007, among other accomplishments. She holds American records for Collegiate Age Group Snatch 90 kg and Clean and Jerk 114kg, among other events. Gump's middle-school gym teacher got her interested in weightlifting, but she says her husband Jason is her biggest role model. A Pikes Peak Community College graduate, Gump's favorite TV show is "House" and her favorite food is chicken fettuccini alfredo. The 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Weightlifting were completed Saturday, May 17, at the Ferst Center for the Arts on the campus of Georgia Tech University.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mom and Dad going to China !

The picture to the right is of my Dad in a shirt he bought at the 2008 Arnold Classic where our National Championships were held this year....pretty cool shirt huh ?!? As of Thursday my parents plans for going to Beijing were finalized ! I'm really excited they are going to be able to come to China and experience the Olympics with me. We've all worked long and hard for this so it's great they are going to be able to be there so we can all share this together. I'm a little worried about them traveling but I know they will be okay as long as they stop to ask questions, and as you know Mom is not afraid to stop to talk to anyone ! Other than lifting I think Mom is looking most forward to shopping and out China Kathie's on her way !!! Unfortunately, Jason my husband is not going to be able to attend the Games. I am very lucky to have such an amazingly supportive husband who has been there every step of the way since day one when we met 5 years ago. Due to his previous back injury he sustained from weightlifting he had to take a great deal of time off from training. He had surgery the end of November last year and has recovered very well from it, he started lifting 2 months ago and things are coming along with little to no pain. Though 2008 was not his year to make the Olympic team, I have no doubt that 2012 or 2016 will be in his future and I will be there to support him in every way that he has been there for me.

The upcoming week...

This week is going to be a hard week of training, both mentally and physically. I have already seen my workout for tomorrow and know I am going to need much rest tonight and good breakfast to get me going. I am hoping to come close to my personal bests or even better than this week. To do so will be a challenge but I am up for it. I feel good right now and a bit recovered from last weeks workouts. On Saturday I had a 30 minute massage which turned into a little over an hour (Thanks Robby !), so my legs should be good and ready to go for tomorrow's squat workout. I dedicate this blog today to Robby the massage therapist for keeping me put together !!! :) I hope you had a good 20 mile night ride last night. Your crazy...

Friday, June 20, 2008

A typical week for me !

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Train 9:15am-10:30am This usually consists of two exercises.I will run errands, head to school if I need to and then eat a small lunch. Train 12:30pm-1:30pm This usually consists of Squats.I will go to the Recovery Center and cold plunge. Following that I will eat lunch and take an hour nap. Train 4:00pm-5:30pm This will again consist of 2 more exercises, then remedial exercises. (Dumbbell curls, wrist curls, leg curls, etc.) Following training I will get a massage, eat dinner and drive home to get some rest and do it all over again ! Tuesday 4:00pm Training, will consist of 3 exercises and remedial exercises. Following training I will eat dinner and then go home. Thursday This is our day off for rest and recovery ! I will run errands, and work 2:30pm-7pm at 24 Hour Fitness. Saturday Consists of 3 exercises, or technique sessions, it varies through out training cycle. Sunday Another day of much needed rest :) My husband and I have dinner at my parents house for our weekly Sunday family dinner. This pretty much sums up a week for me !

All About Me

All about me Name: Carissa A. Gump (formerly Gordon) Hometown: Born in Kingston, New York, moved to Essex, Vermont when I was 10. Marital Status: Married Parents: Marty and Kathie Gordon Siblings: Jennifer Gordon-Christiano Pets: 1 cat, Feyna Height: 5'1 Weight: 138lbs., 63 kg. weight class College: University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Hobbies: Cooking, reading, traveling Coaches: Chris Polakowski, Bob Morris Team: East Coast Gold (formerly a member of Team Vermont) Favorite Movie: To many ! Favorite Book: Nickeled and Dimmed on how to not get by in America Hero: My sister Something People don't know about me: I played piano for 6 years prior to lifting weights