Tuesday, December 1, 2009

FlatIrons CrossFit Clinic

On November 21 I helped with the overhead position clinic at FlatIrons CrossFit in Boulder, Colorado. Coaches for the event were David Miller and Randy Hauer. There were 10+ attendees that participated in the three hour clinic. Some with, some without out Olympic lifting backgrounds. I think everyone had a good time and learned some great information on how to become stronger overhead and improve their performance. I was able to work with two different groups of athletes. I started off with 3 females, Julie, Amy and Annie (Journalist from the Daily Camera....check out her article on the clinic www.dailycamera.com/health-fitness/ci_13901567) then moved to working with a group of guys (James, Keith and Mike) after they complained I wasn't "spreading the love." I worked with them for the remainder of the clinic and did not go easy on them after giving me such grief ! :) I am looking forward to assisting with future clinics at FlatIrons Crossfit, the next one is scheduled for December 21 and will focus on moving the bar from the ground up. If anyone is interested in attending the clinic check out FlatIrons website (www.flatironscrossfit.com).
Below are some photos from the clinic both demonstrating overhead strength.
(Notice Dave did not cut the movement SHORT)

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