Tuesday, January 5, 2010

38 Days to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games !

Last week I went to the Broadmoor Skate Club pre-Olympic Skating exhibition. This was the first time I have seen some of the skaters skate and I do see them often working out at the Olympic Training Center. Let me say I was INCREDIBLY impresed !!! My two favorite Olympic Hopefuls from this program are Rachel Flatt and Ryan Bradley. (Of course my favorite hopefuls for the pairs skate is Rockne Brubaker and Keauna McLaughlin as I posted last year!) Next week USA Figure Skating's National Championships will be in Spokane, Washington January 15-24 and the team Olympic team will then be determined. Good luck to Rachel, Ryan, Rockne, and Keauna ! (A short video of Ryan Bradley)

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