Friday, September 19, 2008

100 Athlete. 100 Blogs. Lenovo Voices of the Olympic Games !

This is a short video about bloggers (including myself) experiences

at the Olympic Games, its a great video, please watch it !

Blogging has truly changed the future of the Olympic Games experience for the world !


Anonymous said...

Carissa - That was a neat video! I loved your blog - I made it my home page at home and at work before, during, and after the Olympics so that I would always see the updates right away. It was so much fun for us to see who you met, what you did, to see your husband and parents over there with you - just great...
See you soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, great video. I'm going to look it up on YouTube & send the link out to friends & family. Glad to see the team you were on for the diabetes walk did so well! Awesome!
I'm also going to let David know about the America for Gold 5K in Palmer Park; he may want to do that one.