Friday, September 12, 2008

September Update !

I have been back from Beijing for several weeks now. I started school a week after I returned from the Olympics, started working, and took a few weeks off of training. It took 5 days to get back on a normal sleeping pattern. The first day back I was up at 4am. I went grocery shopping at about 5am, and was the first customer in line at the post office to mail my goodies to my coach from China.
The next few weeks I will be busy with a few things. Tomorrow I am participating in the Juvenile Diabetes Walk in Colorado Springs. It is a 3 mile walk to support finding a cause for Type 1 diabetes. My father has diabetes so I understand what a struggle it can be to live a normal everyday life with this disease. The theme this year is "Be a Hero." The lady that my dad is friends with contacted to the director and I will be announced and signing autographs at the end of the walk. I love doing things with the public, especially if it involves children.
Over the next couple of weeks I will also be doing a public speaking engagement with the U.S. Junior National Ski Team at the Olympic Training Center, a dinner with the Hilton, Sprite, and a meet and greet at the 24 Hour Fitness Club in southern Colorado Springs. Between school, training (5x's a week now !), working (2 jobs this month!) and appearances I am going to be very busy for the next month !

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