Tuesday, October 7, 2008

2008 Olympic Team White House Visit

On early yesterday morning I flew out of Colorado Springs and flew into Washington D.C. from there I had an hour and a half bus ride to Baltimore. The ride went by really fast, I had good company sharing the seat next to me, Gretta Nielms a Parlympic Track Cyclist. We arrived at 6pm and checked in, got our outfitting and settled into our rooms. My roommate was my teammate Melanie Roach. We ate dinner around 7pm and enjoyed a wonderful meal and a short video. After dinner we were free to do what we wanted and went to the hotel lobby and a pub around the corner. The next morning we woke at 5am and had breakfast at 5:30am. We were up and going on the bus driving back to Washington D.C. by 6:30. I took this time to squeeze in some more sleep time. Washington D.C. has beautiful weather today. Warm with a little bit of a breeze, it made it perfect for the morning. Around 300 of us were arranged in front of the South Side of the White House for photos and a 10 minute speech by President Bush. Following the speech we went inside the White House and toured several rooms that are open to the public. We were at the White House for 3 hours and the time flew by. Before you knew it we were back on the bus and off to the airport. I took many photos but these are just a few I wanted to share.


kmurph said...

I really enjoyed following you through Beijing, and it's great to see you here in "my" town! I hope you had a memorable visit, and I hope the Olympic celebrations continue for some time to come.

All the best,
Kathryn Murphy (daughter of Mike Murphy, your dad's friend from IBM)

Anonymous said...

Wa...It's really a wonderful trip. I like Philps!

Rusty J said...

love this entry. how long have you been blogging?

i would appreciate any blogging advice you could give me. =)

could you spare a few minutes for some tips and a critique of my blog?

rusty j

Anonymous said...

The Best Blog !!!!!!!!!