Thursday, October 23, 2008

From USA Weightliftings Web Page-October 23, 2008

Prior to leaving for the Olympic Games in Beijing, Carissa Gump was contacted by Captain Jason Krist from the 4th Infantry Division at Fort Carson Army Post in Colorado Springs, CO. He made a special request to Carissa, in hopes that she would bring two American flags to the Games on behalf of him and the infantry. Carissa made a point to hang the two flags in her room in the Olympic Village.
On September 19th, 2008, Carissa presented both flags to Captain Krist at the end of a Changing of the Guard ceremony at Fort Carson. One of the flags will be kept by Captain Krist. The other will be transported next month to Iraq, and flown there at a US Army post.
Captain Krist's commanding officer also honored Carissa with a medal for making the Olympic team, and for honoring their request in China.

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