Saturday, April 3, 2010

Thank your Coaches !

 This is the guy that started it all for me, my first Coach, Coach Polakowski from Team Vermont
(This photo was taken a few hours after the Olympic Trials May 21, 2008 when I qualified for the 2008 Olympics)

I have taken on a new role, coaching.  I am working with a local CrossFit gym in Colorado Springs called SoCo CrossFit. I helped coach middle school athletes in Olympic Weightlifting 8-10 years ago, but this is completely different. I am now coaching/teaching a Women's only class 3x's a week !

I really enjoy the challenge of coaching and don't think I ever give my coaches enough credit for what they have done for me. They really do more than just stand there and watch ! Coaching is tiring, it is teaching me patience and helping me form better communication skills.  Living and training at the Olympic Training Center for so many years I am used to be surrounded by the top athletes in the country, it blinded me to realize that not everyone is an Olympic caliber athlete.  Everything Olympic level athletes do they make look so darn easy !

Being a weightlifter and actually coaching weightlifting I have found are two completely different things. Lifting is easy, coaching is hard ! I can not say, "Do this..." and demonstrate the lift. I have to actually break it down and communicate what to do. I am learning something I have done for 14+ years all over again.  Coaching is a completely new way to view your sport through a different perspective !

P.S. Thank your coaches :)

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Anonymous said...

Carissa - Coach says thanks for remembering him! I saw your blog post via FB and showed it to him!!
The Pol's!!