Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mom and Dad going to China !

The picture to the right is of my Dad in a shirt he bought at the 2008 Arnold Classic where our National Championships were held this year....pretty cool shirt huh ?!? As of Thursday my parents plans for going to Beijing were finalized ! I'm really excited they are going to be able to come to China and experience the Olympics with me. We've all worked long and hard for this so it's great they are going to be able to be there so we can all share this together. I'm a little worried about them traveling but I know they will be okay as long as they stop to ask questions, and as you know Mom is not afraid to stop to talk to anyone ! Other than lifting I think Mom is looking most forward to shopping and out China Kathie's on her way !!! Unfortunately, Jason my husband is not going to be able to attend the Games. I am very lucky to have such an amazingly supportive husband who has been there every step of the way since day one when we met 5 years ago. Due to his previous back injury he sustained from weightlifting he had to take a great deal of time off from training. He had surgery the end of November last year and has recovered very well from it, he started lifting 2 months ago and things are coming along with little to no pain. Though 2008 was not his year to make the Olympic team, I have no doubt that 2012 or 2016 will be in his future and I will be there to support him in every way that he has been there for me.


Anonymous said...


I remember, back in 2000, when you where out at the OTC during the Men's National Junior Squad Camp and how we placed you in the "well" (the place in the front of the 15 seater van between the drivers seat, "shot-gun" and the front seat cup holder stand.) as we drove around town when we had finished the days training, because you where the only one that could fit into that small space.
It has been great to watch you go from a school-age 'wunderkid' to an Olympian. To see you put in the time, effort and dedication to attain the greatest achievement a weightlifter can has been amazing. I know that it was never easy and often it was a huge challenge, but you came through like the true champion you are.
Best wishes for a great Olympics.


Anonymous said...

Love the shirt your dad is wearing!!
you GO girl!!

Anonymous said...

you GO girl!!