Monday, January 4, 2010

Honoring the 1980 Olympic Team

Today marks the 30 year Anniversary of the announcement by President Jimmy Carter of the potential boycott of the Olympics by the American team. It was not until January 23 several weeks later the final decision was made that the U.S. would not send a team, 60 other countries also made the same decision. I do not want to talk about politics with this situation or get into an argument, I only want to recognize those athletes, both U.S. and foreign, who were unable to fulfill their dreams of competing at an Olympic Games. You are and will forever be an Olympian ! I want to recognize the athletes in my sport of Olympic Weightlifting for their athletic accomplishments and contribution to the sport.
1980 US Olympic Weightlifting Team Mark Cameron, Guy Carlton, James "Butch" Curry, Michael Cohen, Brian Derwin, Bob Giordano, Jerome Hannan, Michael Karchut, Luke Klaja, Joseph Puleo, Callen Schake, Kurt Setterburg, and Thomas Stock. (


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Carissa, awewome of you to remember those athletes. You rock!

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