Monday, August 18, 2008

Adventures at the Silk Market

What an adventure....the Silk Market in Beijing ! This is also known as the Pearl market. It is I believe 8 stories high and then 2 stories below ground. We had been hearing about this place since we landed in Beijing. Everyone says this is the place to go shopping. They have clothing, jewelry, purses, luggage, electronics, you name it.
My parents and I started off by taking a cab there. When we pulled up from we saw a large crowd of people standing outside trying to get in. We entered the building not knowing what was going to happen next....what an experience. In the market each vendor had a small little area to sell their goods. They would stand out side and yell "Hey lady hey want purse" or "Hey mister need nice suit." This was the nice stuff they were saying....later on a vendor would say to my mother "You stupid cheap cheap" We thought this was very funny, mainly because my mom is pretty cheap (sorry mom !). Then my Dad walked by a vendor and the man yelled "Mister you need shirt" my dad said jokingly "Sorry I am to fat" as the man held up a small shirt the man responded with "We have fat man size." All in all we had a great time. We bought several gift items such as jade and pearl necklaces.
Leaving the market was also an adventure. With there being so many people and not enough taxis in the area it was a fight to get a cab. This is one of the funniest memories I will ever have of my Mom on this trip. We stood for about 10 minutes waiting for a cab. I was watching a cab drive by me and I turned to see if it had pulled over. I then turn to see my Mom throw herself out into the passing cab and grab onto the back door handle and run almost 30 feet with the cab. She was determined to get a cab and get out of there. It was pretty funny to see my 54 year old mother throw her self into a cab, grab onto the door handle with one hand and keep holding onto her bags of gifts she had just bought. My dad and I stood there laughing.
Stay tuned !!!


Anonymous said...

Good Lord, now the whole world knows how old I am!!!!!!!!! Your Mother

Anonymous said...

WOW Your OLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


sdfj eiwok said...

LOL your mother is obviously hilarious! Found your blog on the blogger home page, and I have really enjoyed reading your blogs and looking at your pics from the Olympics! What an honor. Thank you for sharing this journey with the rest of us who love cheering you on! Go USA and enjoy the rest of your time in Beijing!

David Churbuck said...

It was an honor to meet you at the panel discussion with the press. I really appreciate your recommending someone to help me learn my olympic lifts for crossfit!

I love your blog. The Wall, the picture with the President, Kobe .... this is awesome. I wish you the best for the rest of your stay in Beijing. Anything you need, please let me know
David Churbuck, Lenovo

Unknown said...

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Wish You happy!

Unknown said...
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Yin Mei said...

Interesting blog to stumble upon!

keep on writing because it's nice to read about the olympics' experience.

Cheers from Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

keep up.! good work

hey,this is summer said...

Very interesting article.

I think you should vist other placea of china where are more valuable for tour.
Like Lijiang in Yunnan province ,Sanya in Hainan province.

by the way i am living in Hainan now.If you wanna come here let me know.

enyoy your vist in china.

David said...

i'm in beijing!i am chinese!HOHO

Everymatter said...

every is okay

but don't say cheap to your mother

mother is angel

Jewel said...

Like Erin, I found your blog on "Blogs of Note" on blogger and I am so thankful that I did. I have so enjoyed reading of yours and your family's Olympic experience. Thank you so much for sharing it with us, Carissa, and keep on doing it! And tell your mother she isn't old! I'm 56 and I don't consider myself old. Inside, I feel about 35....well, until I stand up, that is! *smile* God bless you, Carissa!

Anonymous said...

Her mother is "OLD" believe me. LOL


cl-laR7eT+3 said...

ahahahaha, your mom is cool!
don't worry mom you sound younger than your age!

Anonymous said...

You have super a blog!!! Mach further so You can write on my new side times a comment like you it find! Me would make happy…. until then and much fun still


emile said...

found your blog similar to how erin and jewel found it. great stuff to read. it provides us non-olympians with a glimpse of what being there is like. congrats on your accomplishments! i look forward to reading more of your experience.

Making Money Fast said...
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Anonymous said...

I have written a few blogs but I'm fairly new to blogging and I think your insider's glimpse is great! I'm a super girlie girl so to hear about possibilities in expanding my shopping horizon's (lol) totally makes my day...New on the list of goals: get to the Silk Market in Bejing.