Thursday, July 24, 2008

Leaving !

Well as many of you know I leave tomorrow ! My flight leaves very early in the morning and we will arrive in San Jose around noon. There we will go through team processing and get our outfitting. The rest of the day we will be busy with alterations and briefings. We then leave the following morning for our direct flight to Beijing (YES !!! Direct flight !!!) Also exciting news....I am blogging on my new lap top computer courtesy of Lenovo ! Thank You very much for such a great computer ! Thank You to everyone who has called and sent emails wishing me Good Luck in Beijing. I truly appreciate all your support. I am off to an Olympic send off BBQ that my Olympic Training Center team mate Jackie Berube is throwing for Natalie, Casey and I. Well, my next post will be from Beijing, so stay tuned ! ! !


Anonymous said...

Go get 'em Casey! Your pals at Lenovo are cheering you onward.

Anonymous said...

Lisa...comments on Carissa's blog are comments for her, not for other athletes. That is rude.