Friday, July 25, 2008


What an AMAZING day ! After waking up at 4am and flying across country I am a bit tired. Not from flying, but from the days agenda.....
Myself and my team mate Natalie and our coaches Bob and Dennis arrived in San Jose where we met up with two of our other team mates Cheryl and Melanie. When we met Melanie we were also greeted with her 93lbs suit case....I questioned if her children were hiding in her bag it was so ridiculously heavy ! Though her children were not hiding in her bag, Mel brought enough stuff for an entire village.
We went on to travel to San Jose University where we went through outfitting, processing and briefing. I can not even express how much stuff we got....Nike and Polo were very generous to Team USA....I will not have to buy any clothing for a looooooong time.
Though the whole day was absolutely amazing, the highlight had to be meeting Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger ! Myself, Melanie and Natalie met and talked with the Governor about lifting and the two handed press. Following that Cheryl and Steven Lopez (2 time Olympic Gold Medallist) presented the Governor with a Team USA Olympic Jacket.
Tomorrow is going to be an incredibly long traveling to Beijing so I must finish packing up my new wardrobe of TEAM USA clothing and head to bed......this is the first day of my Olympic journey and it has already been INCREDIBLE !!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Carissa -- your mom just now emailed me about your blog site! So glad to know it's here. I'll be checking it often. I also sent the link to family & friends around the country. You are in our prayers, dear friend!
God bless you & keep you healthy & strong!

Anonymous said...

The Polakowskis are thinking about you and love you and wish you luck. Coach Pol & Carol & Jason & Katie
P.S. Give 'em hell!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Carissa,

Just thinking of you and the excitement that you are having. We're glad your on your way to your goal. Reach for the sky!!!

Uncle Bob, Aunt Kristie and Leah

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Hollidaysburg PA. Four years ago, sitting in the outfield with you watching Nickie play softball with our daughter.....and now you are an Olympian.

Fr. Gardner, in his own way, managed to work you into his homily at mass today. Basic tenet was hard work and perseverance.....which is why you are where you are today.

Best of Luck

Bill and Robin Dwyer

Anonymous said...

SO I finally got to read your blog! And I just want to say how amazing I think you are! Reading the head line Carissa Gump, 2008 olympian is sooo amazing and I am sooo proud of you! I knew you could do it! Good luck hun, you are going to do soo great! I will be checking back in alot! Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you :) Miss you!!!!