Thursday, July 31, 2008


I had yesterday off from training, though I did go to the gym to watch my team mates workout...its all about being a team ! Everyone on the team is very supportive, we constantly cheer each other on. I am really glad to have such great team mates.
Today I had a very long, hard, exhausting workout. I had snatches, clean and jerks, back squats and clean pulls. It took me nearly 2 1/2 hours to complete the 4 exercises of the workout. Following our workout everyone went to cold plunge to help aid our recovery from the workouts our bodies just endured. I was supposed to cold plunge for 10 minutes but only lasted 5, I thought my little toes were going to fall off it was so cold ! (cold plunge is a 50 degree bath filled with cold water and ice, sounds fun, huh ?!)
Our team headed off to lunch and then back to the training room for recovery massages. We left the training site at 4pm and I about fell asleep on the bus ride back I was so tired from the days workout. When we arrived back a the village a bus load of other Team USA athletes were arriving and I saw a few familiar faces from the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center where I live and train. The village is really starting to fill up and everyone is arriving from countries around the world ! I did take a quick cat nap for 40 minutes and do feel much better, but am looking forward to a good solid 8 hours of sleep !
Tomorrow I have off of training, though a few of my team mates don't we will all be there to cheer them on. Saturday, my workout will be moderately heavy, then I will have Sunday off and a hard workout on Monday. I'm looking forward to the next couple weeks of workouts, everything is all coming together for the competition !


Mike said...


thank you for sharing your experience with us. it is very interesting to read about what all is going on at the village and with your training. best of luck and as our coach says to us...pull hard and move fast!!!

Mike Calelly

Anonymous said...

What grand Nana could be more proud? Enjoy China! : ) I'm going to enjoy touching your medal. I know you're going to have one. I've been coming to Aunt Sue's house to check out your blogs and seeing how much you are enjoying your days in China. Love you.

<3 Nana

Anonymous said...

Hey Rissy! You seem like your having a great time! Sara (the girl that lives behind me) keeps asking about you and making sure you're doing well! I enjoy reading them everyday! : )